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Housing Disrepair Claims

If your landlord has failed to act upon or remedy any disrepair to your home we will act for you on a no win no fee basis for any claims for disrepair against your landlord, whether they are a private landlord or local authority / council.

Your landlord has a duty to ensure that your home is safe and fit for human habitation throughout your tenancy. We can seek an agreement or order from the court forcing your landlord to carry out repairs and also seek compensation for inconvenience, loss of enjoyment and distress and also recover the cost of any items damaged as a consequence of the disrepair.

What types of disrepair can I claim for?

  • Water damage in the property from leaks leading to damp and mould on the ceilings and walls

  • Infestation of mice and other pests

  • Faulty or dangerous appliances

  • Failure to maintain and keep in proper working order water, gas, electricity and sanitation installations and a failure to comply with gas, electricity and fire hazard safety requirements

  • Failure to repair the structure and exterior of the property including poorly maintained gutters and drains

  • Faulty doors and windows

These are some examples of types of disrepair that we can help you with.

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