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Undisclosed Commission Claims

If you took out a loan that was secured on your home or a mortgage, with the help of a broker then we can help you bring an undisclosed commission claim. Brokers were supposed to be acting in your best interests by searching the market and finding the right mortgage or loan for you. However, many brokers failed to do this and were receiving commissions which were concealed from borrowers. Brokers were appearing to be impartial in trying to find you the best loan or mortgage when in fact they were acting on behalf of lenders which may have led to you taking out a loan which was not suitable for you.

Was your loan secured on your home and taken out before 2009?

Did you take out a mortgage before 31st October 2004?

If so, we can help you bring a claim.

We can also help you if:

  • You had experienced financial difficulties, had been rejected by high street lenders and had a poor credit rating when you took your loan or mortgage out

  • You struggled to make payments on the loan or mortgage from the outset

  • You were retired or were due to retire during the term of the loan or mortgage and as such had no regular income with which to make payments

  • You have had substantial arrears/admin charges added to your loan account

  • You have been charged for visits to your home, letters and telephone calls

  • Despite making regular payments, you mortgage or loan balance appeared to increase over time

  • Your lender or broker concealed from you that a commission payment (sometimes up to 10% of the loan amount) was paid to your broker

  • Your lender or broker concealed the payment of further commissions to your broker where a PPI policy was added (as much as 40% of the PPI premium in some cases)

  • Had possession proceedings brought or threatened against you for failing to keep up repayments

If we take on your case, we will look to recover for you:

  • A refund of any commission payments including any commission payments relating to PPI that were paid to your broker by your lender

  • A refund of all charges that were added to your account relating to defaults in payments including any charges for letters, phone calls and home visits that were charged to your loan account

  • A possible further cash payment or an agreement with the lender that no further payments are to be made on the basis that the loan is written off

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